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About Us

Heretic owners Liz and Jamil with beers standing in front of brewing tanks


It all started with a neighbor sharing a homemade beer.  Liz saw how excited Jamil was and bought him a Mr. Beer kit for Christmas. Jamil became obsessed with brewing the perfect beer and became a homebrew legend in the process by winning a first-place medal in every known beer, mead, and cider style category. He spent the next 15 years writing about beer with more than 100 articles and 500 hours of podcasts on The Brewing Network.

Eventually, his passion to brew was too strong and Jamil and Liz decided to take the plunge and open Heretic Brewing Company.

Liz oversees administrative tasks, taking care of the books and daily operations, and can often be found pouring beer at festivals and fundraisers throughout Northern California, while Jamil leads the brewing and distilling side of the business.

Throughout it all, we have been passionate about one thing: quality. Our at-all-costs dedication to quality has enabled us to grow, a pint at a time, into a respected brewery among our peers and a community hub for our area. Local residents, craft beer and spirits enthusiasts, and industry partners all enjoy the Heretic tap room. We feature over 20 craft beers on tap, cocktails made with Heretic craft spirits and craft cocktails, hard seltzers made with real fruit, cold brew coffee, and traditional cask ales. Guests can also enjoy a variety of comforting pub food and weekly specials provided by the Heretic kitchen staff.

Heretic in the Community