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About Us


It all started with a neighbor sharing a homemade beer with Jamil.  He was surprised at the quality of the brew and mentioned it to Liz, so she bought him a Mr. Beer kit for Christmas. Jamil became obsessed with brewing the perfect beer and as his passion for brewing progressed, he became well-known in the homebrewing community. Within a few years, he had won a first-place medal in every known beer style category (82 at the time). He spent the next 15 years writing about beer with more than 100 articles and 500 hours of podcasts on The Brewing Network.

In 2011, Jamil and Liz decided to take the plunge and open Heretic Brewing Company. Within a few years, Heretic Brewing became internationally known with distribution in 13 states and 12 countries. In 2017, the Heretic team founded Heretic Craft Spirits and began distilling and bottling premium quality spirits and created a line of all natural, flavorful ready-to-drink canned cocktails.

Today, Heretic is owned and operated by Craft Beverage Cooperative, a consortium of craft breweries & distilleries that are passionate about craft beverages and work tirelessly keeping this industry growing.

Be a Heretic and join us on our craft beverage journey! The Confessional Tap Room features over 20 craft beers on tap, cocktails made with Heretic craft spirits, hard seltzers made with real fruit, cold brew coffee, and traditional cask ales. Guests can also enjoy a variety of comforting pub food and weekly specials. Looking for private party space? The Alter Room seats up to 40 people and is available for a reasonable rental fee. We are family-friendly and have an unheated patio for your fur babies. It’s never too late to be a Heretic.

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