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Uncertain Barrels


“A barrel full of certainties won’t roll very far.” – Gerd de Ley

From the beginning, I was certain that we would make barrel-aged beers at Heretic. We are close to Napa so it is easy to obtain used wine barrels and I really like the interesting character that develops from aging beer in a barrel.

I have had many people ask me why barrel-aged beer sells for significantly higher price than non-barrel aged beer. Continue reading ‘Uncertain Barrels’ »

Brewery Nightmares


A reader asked me, “At what point does someone have enough knowledge to become a [professional] brewer?

Or do you hire someone to do the brewing and then learn from them?” That is a really good question and one that I think many more people should ask themselves when opening any kind of business. Continue reading ‘Brewery Nightmares’ »