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Beer Festivus


As soon as you start producing beer (and even before), you will get a flood of requests to provide beer for festivals.

My thinking, when I was just a festival attendee, was that it must be worthwhile to get your beer in front of a crowd of people. After all, these are beer geeks, right? Well, some of them are, but at the average event it seems many of them are just there to get hammered. Continue reading ‘Beer Festivus’ »

Drink, We’ll Make More


Well, people are drinking our beer. I guess that is a tiny measure of success in the brewery business.

Of course, it is easy to have people drink your beer when you’re giving it away, like we did at the Brewing Network anniversary party and pro night at the National Homebrewer’s Conference in San Diego last week. We poured more than a barrel of each beer (Evil Twin and Tafelbully) in just a few hours. To be honest, I felt that both beers were not quite ready to be served, but the pressure of having promised people that we would have beer for their events made me give in. It was nothing to be embarrassed about, but I would have preferred to hold the beers for just a few more days. Continue reading ‘Drink, We’ll Make More’ »