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The Adventure Continues


We nearly didn’t get to brew out a second batch of beer.

We needed to brew our Evil Twin right away to have it ready for pro night at the homebrewer’s conference in San Diego. We knew if we didn’t brew it right away, there was no way it would be ready in time. We had all of our ingredients on hand, except for a pitch of yeast. Continue reading ‘The Adventure Continues’ »

Somewhere Between Fairytales and Hell


OK, so the long awaited day arrived and we brewed our first batch of Heretic beer.

I’d like to say that it was easy, that there were no mistakes made, no equipment issues, and that all the woodland creatures gathered around the mash tun and sang songs while sewing me a gown for the ball. In reality it was somewhere between that and a twenty-two hour descent into hell. Continue reading ‘Somewhere Between Fairytales and Hell’ »