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Ready to Brew


In a way, I can’t believe we will be brewing our first batch in just a couple days.

For the past several months it seemed like there was always one more thing that we had to do before we could be licensed or to get the brewery ready for production. It was a little frustrating at times, but then there were also moments when it seemed like the dream took a large step closer to reality. Continue reading ‘Ready to Brew’ »

Anybody Can Brew Beer


There are a lot of little and not so little things to do before your brewery is ready to produce beer.

Everything from installing the boiler to sweeping the floors needs to get done. For example, I spent last week framing out the walls for the mill room and gluing parts together for the glycol system piping. This week I will be installing the flex auger from the mill room to the grist case over the mash tun. The list of stuff to do is seemingly endless. Continue reading ‘Anybody Can Brew Beer’ »