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Our Own Little Hop Crisis


We haven’t brewed a drop of beer yet, but we’ve already run out of the hops we need to brew the beers we are planning to brew.

Even being conservative in our numbers, we need more hops than we can get for this year and the next. Let me be more specific. Of course you can get hops, you just can’t get several of the most highly prized aroma/flavor varieties. I think you will always be able to get hops for generic, flavorless bittering. That is what the mega brewers focus on, so that will always exist. Continue reading ‘Our Own Little Hop Crisis’ »

Honesty and Motivation


Even before I began the process of opening Heretic Brewing Company, homebrewers would ask me what it took to open a brewery.

I usually started off my reply by saying, “Lots of money and lots of hard work.” It is still true that it takes a lot of hard work, but nowadays, some folks are opening nano-breweries for less than what most people would consider a lot of money. (It still takes about as much money as you can find. Of course, if you can get your hands on more money, the scope of the plan just grows to accommodate the funding.) Continue reading ‘Honesty and Motivation’ »