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When you think about starting a brewery, you know you will need kegs to package some portion of your beer, but that is about as far as the thinking goes.

You blithely assume that you can just buy some kegs, put beer in them, and you are good to go. Not so fast. It takes more thought than that. In fact, I can’t believe how much time we’ve put into thinking about packaging so far. At least as much as we’ve put into getting set up to brew our beer. Continue reading ‘Kegs’ »

The Bar is High


Not long ago, it was a special treat to find great craft beer. You could travel extensively without finding any craft beer and often what you did find was just OK.

Things have really changed, and today the beer isn’t just good, but outstanding. By opening a brewery, you are essentially saying you think you can make outstanding beer too. If you cannot live up to that promise, then you are going to have an awfully hard time competing in today’s craft beer market. I thought about this before starting Heretic and I knew we would have to work hard and be creative to compete in this marketplace. Continue reading ‘The Bar is High’ »