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Joining the Good Fight


Where I live every grocery store has been expanding their craft beer section. In some of them, the craft beer shelf space is now bigger than that dedicated to the large lager brewers.

Looking at the extensive selection of craft beer at the stores around here, you would think that maybe there are enough craft breweries already. You might think that starting a brewery and squeezing yourself into the marketplace would cause other brewers to shun you, but you would be wrong. Continue reading ‘Joining the Good Fight’ »

Don’t Fence Me In


The first thing people ask when you tell them you are opening a brewery is, “What kind of beer are you going to brew?”

I guess that is a reasonable question, although at first I thought it was kind of a weird question. “I’m going to brew great, tasty beer!” I thought to myself. What else would one brew? However, people insisted on knowing what “style” of beer Heretic would produce. “Oh, what style?” I would respond. Heck, I didn’t have any style in mind, but they wanted an answer, so I would proceed to mumble something about flavors and character until we both became confused. Continue reading ‘Don’t Fence Me In’ »