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Beer, Beer Everywhere, but Not a Drop to Drink


I must say the toughest part about starting a brewery is coordinating all the little parts. Sure, the paperwork is enormous. I think I killed a couple of trees trying to perfect my TTB application.

It isn’t that they make it tough (the folks at the TTB are quite helpful), but when you look at all those forms for the first time, there is a huge learning curve. There are businesses that will help you with the paperwork. One consultant offered to do the whole licensing thing for the paltry sum of $8,000. At the time I thought it was more of a princely sum, but every time I printed and reprinted and worked and reworked that giant stack of papers, the amount I was willing to pay for someone else to do it would rise a bit more. Of course, getting licensed is a big deal for us, because we can’t brew commercially until we are licensed. That requires approval from the federal, state, county, and city governments. And that takes a considerable amount of waiting. Continue reading ‘Beer, Beer Everywhere, but Not a Drop to Drink’ »

Hard Work, Karma, or Just Dumb Luck?


I’ve always been lucky. Ask my wife. Ask anybody that knows me. Things just work out well for me.

I like to tell my kids that it is all because of hard work and perseverance, treating others the way you wish to be treated, and a keen eye for opportunity. But then I have to admit, most of the time even I think I am just plain lucky. Take for example how I found the head brewer for Heretic Brewing Company. Continue reading ‘Hard Work, Karma, or Just Dumb Luck?’ »