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Birth of a Heretic


When you finally realize you are going to open a brewery, it is an exciting time. However, the brewery just doesn’t seem real until you give it a name. When you talk about it with others, the conversation is very generic, more like discussing brewing theory than actually brewing. But once you find the right name, the brewery feels more real and comes to life. It is like finding out you are going to have your first child. It is exciting, wonderful news and you don’t think you could ever be happier, but once you’ve decided on a name there is a different, deeper feeling of reality and purpose that takes over. Continue reading ‘Birth of a Heretic’ »

The Opportunity


There is a point in every homebrewer’s life, no matter how humble their brewing résumé, where they dream about going pro. Eventually, we all think about scrapping our current profession to work as a brewer or to open a brewery. For most it remains just a dream, but quite a few hardy (or foolhardy) souls do take the step, make the plunge, jump off that cliff. Continue reading ‘The Opportunity’ »